The research group is headed by Prof. Dr. Ulf Otto and is currently complemented by two research assistants, Luise Barsch, M.A., and Anna Raisich, M.A. Two student assistants, Emma Mulser and Johannes Romann, complete the team.

Dr. David Englmeier (Computer Science) and Ines Röhrer (Computational Linguistics) are employed for project preparation and proposal writing.

Current research collaborations include Prof. Dr. Azadeh Sharifi (University of Toronto), Prof. Dr. Teresa Kovacs (University of Bloomington) and Dr. Nora Probst (University of Cologne).

There is also an association with the research project Moving in Every Direction (Prof. Fred Truniger, Lucerne) and a membership in the steering group of the DFG project Mediatheken der Darstellenden Künste vernetzten.